Teachers motivate students and encourage them to speak in English. Each lesson has clearly stated grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation goals. The lessons focus on giving students concrete learning objectives and a sense of progress in learning high-frequency words and phrases.Vocabulary is taught in personalized contexts.


Students are challenged to read better which helps build vocabulary and consolidate grammar. Focus is on writing skills such as paraphrasing. There is exposure to colloquial phrases and idioms, along with practice in planning, organizing, writing, and checking what is written. Pronunciation is “fine-tuned”.


Students practice talking in class. Every lesson focuses on high frequency vocabulary. The main goal is to begin to speak through regular and varied practice in useful and natural contexts. Students consolidate and extend their knowledge and know what to say in typical situations.


Students practice using different tenses together. New words are added to vocabulary by adding prefixes and suffixes. New vocabulary is put into practice with emphasis on pronouncing new words and sounds clearly.


This level provides context for new language and engages students using real-life stories, situations, humor and suspense. Clear grammar rules are presented. Teachers encourage students to use conversational English.


Using natural conversation skills, students use a wide range of structures to express different concepts. Vocabulary is enriched by focusing on idioms and synonyms. Student are taught to use the appropriate word depending on the situation. Pronunciation of difficult sounds and natural rhythm and intonation in conversation are emphasized.

Off-site class

The class decided to go to a quiet area provided by the monastery close to the school to be able to concentrate on studying for their final level exams. The peaceful fresh air surroundings provided a secluded world to concentrate on their studies.


Meet  MILA’s Staff who look forward to provide the best educational and social environment for all the students.

Our Premises

Maximum classroom capacity is 12 students. Students have access to the school lounge to socialize with students from all over the world and enjoy a cup of coffee.  School computers are available for students to use.


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About Emilio Dias

Was born in Sao Bernardo / Sao Paulo / Brazil

Studied at Methodist College (Business Administration) and LCHE (London College of Higher Education)

With more than 25 years of experience in the language school instruction field, Mr. Dias developed and opened MILA using a proven methodology with the latest educational technologies.

Soccer, music (pop / rock) and spear fishing lover.