If you are currently studying in U.S. and want to transfer to MILA, you will need to  email the following information to info@milausa.com

  1. Tranfer Eligibilty Form . Please fill in the top part of the form, then give the form to the school official (or student advisor) at your current school (or where you last attended).
  2. Copy of Valid Passport (minimum 6 months)
  3. Copy of Student Visa
  4. Copy of current I-20
  5. Copy of most recent I-94
  6. Bank letter or statement showing ‘proof of funds’, equivalent to US$ 675,00 per month of study.
  7. Fill out the Confidential Financial Statement.

If the funds are coming from a sponsor, please provide the sponsor Affidavit Form and Confidential financial Statement with sponsor’s information.

    • MILA is authorized by SEVP to enroll non-immigrant alien students who wish to study as an F-1 student.

After MILA receives the documentation student will be informed of course start date.