Our Team

Tomas Horvath – Academic Manager


Tomas has worked as an Academic Director and ESL teacher for several international language schools and has been in the education field for most of his career. He studied journalism and Spanish in both the US and the University of Madrid, Spain. In addition, he worked as the Editor for the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in New York.

Octávio Melendez – Teacher


I’ve been teaching english as a second language since 1998 to international students. I think it was back in high school when I had my first experience teaching math and I totally fell in love with the idea.

Emilio Dias – Ceo/President


Was born in Sao Bernardo / Sao Paulo / Brazil
Studied at Methodist College (Business Administration) and LCHE (London College of Higher Education)

Tania Cascais

PDSO - General Manager

I am the PDSO – General Manager, responsible for Accreditation and Compliance matters (Miami and Orlando Campus). I have been with MILA since the beginning of the school’s operations.