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If you are an international student on an F1 visa studying in the United States and you are planning to transfer to MILA, it's important to follow the correct steps to ensure a successful transition. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you transfer your F-1 visa as an ESL student to MILA:

Apply to MILA.

The first step is to apply to MILA by sending a Transfer Form and wait for the acceptance. MILA is an accredited school and authorized to enroll international students. We offer ESL programs and resources that meet the educational needs of international students/F-1.

Inform your current school.

Once you've been accepted at MILA, you need to inform your current school of your intention to transfer schools. Your current school will then release your SEVIS record to MILA.


Maintaining your F-1 visa status.

It is important to maintain your F-1 visa status during the transfer process. This means that you must continue to attend classes at your current school until the transfer is complete, and you must maintain full-time enrollment at MILA once the transfer is completed. Make sure to meet all deadlines required to transfer your F-1 visa to MILA.


Attend orientation.

Once you receive your new I-20 form from MILA, you should attend an orientation session at the school. This will help you become familiar with the campus, administrative and academic departments, meet other students, and learn about any resources available to you as an international student.

In conclusion, transferring your F-1 visa as an international student to MILA is not a difficult process. Following these steps, it will be a successful transition.

Remember to apply to MILA, inform your current school of your intentions, submit all required documentation, maintain your F-1 visa status throughout the process, attend orientation at MILA, and seek English language support as needed.

Submit documents.

You'll need to submit many documents to MILA, such as your SEVIS ID number (located on your I-20 form) and the required documents. Please contact us for more information.

Receive a new I-20 form.

MILA will issue you an updated I-20 form once we receive your documents and SEVIS records. The new I-20 form will show that you are enrolled in the new program at MILA.

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